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White Thug Breeds Friends BF spit roast




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Motorway Services Gloryhole - 008

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I would love to see the video that got sucker was taking

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Oh.Sixty.Nine — Today’s Featured Bloggers

In his own words:

My blog features moments in visual history, that maybe aren’t glamorous and full of different angles, instead offer something much more then studio lights, and that’s intimacy. I find it extremely erotic when “amateurs” record their experiences. I like the idea of watching something that maybe I wasn’t invited to. There is this belief culture has said as a gay man we stereo-typically all just like gay porn, and while that’s true, I tend to find that my blog, run by a 23 year old, offers much more then just your typical porn. What I find fascinating about my followers now is they watch with a open mind, that maybe it’s not their cup of tea, but just knowing that I jerked off to it is erotic enough for them. That’s right, the only rule to my blog, if I’ve posted it, I’ve came to it.

Growing up, I’ve never been afraid of sexuality, and it’s somewhat tarnished my reputation, that just because I’m comfortable with it, automatically makes me a slut, but what I love about porn is that it allows us all to fantasize in some ways about things that we find taboo and maybe even uncomfortable with. I had a friend in college (before I came out) that loved daddy/son roleplay vids, and I never understood the attraction, and now the older/young vids are some of my favorite videos as I’ve grown up myself a bit. I used to love Studio porn, now it just irritates me. So if you are looking for hot sean cody vids, I’d look the other way, but if want to join me on this ever changing timeline of sexual acts, then click that follow button, and I look forward to your contributions.

I hope your in the mood for a lot of vids today. Today’s blogger is offering up his personal jerk off favorites, as he mentioned, if it’s on his blog he’s cum to it. I’m sure if you visit archive you’ll find yourself hard and typing one handed. He offer up a wide variety of vids, with some pics and gifs. So head on over and check him out. If you it as hot as I do, or it makes you cum like it did me, give the man a follow. As the reblogs will show, it’s a hot, get me up and get me off, and over all fantastic blog.

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Beautiful cocksucker seems about ready for his final exams. 


Military three way.

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Wanna be a Featured Blogger? I am, as always, lookin’ for ‘em. There’s a FAQ HERE that will tell you everything about how to become one. Or, just ask, message me via Tumblr, or email me at CorbeauXtube@Gmail.com.